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Lani Popp for Texas State Board of Education District 5
State Board of Education Members


“Our precious children need a representative with Lani Popp’s conservative moral compass, ethics and integrity. Lani Popp will be our greatest voice to stand and fight for the values of our Texas children, parents and educators.”

Ken Mercer, District 5

former member: House of Representatives


“I wholeheartedly endorse Lani Popp for District 5, State Board of Education. Lani is experienced and focused on the important responsibilities before the SBOE in preparing students for their futures. She will be a tireless and effective advocate for the children of her district and of the state.”

Donna Bahorich, District 6

Chair, 2015-2019


“Lani Popp brings a servant's heart as a professional educator, a mom's compassion for children and a Republican's emphasis on prioritizing our Texas values, culture and mindset being taught to our school children. I wholeheartedly endorse Lani Popp for State Board of Education District 5.”

- Dr. Matt Robinson, District 7


“Lani Popp will be a strong advocate for your rights as parents as well as a leader in working on the challenges facing local schools. As your SBOE mem-ber, Lani will continue to work for academic rigor in every child's classroom and for the highest quality and most accurate instructional materials. She will continue to fight against liberal agendas that violate the values parents like you have instilled in your children."

Barbara Cargill, District 8

Chair, School Initiatives; Chair 2011-2015


“I fully support and endorse Lani Popp for State Board of Education District 5. I strongly believe she is unequivocally the best and only choice in the Republican primary race for District 5. This run-off election is critical for the future success of the board.

Dr. Keven Ellis, District 9



“The State Board of Education’s work impacts 5.5 million young Texans, now and for future generations -- managing the lion’s share of the $44 billion Permanent School Fund, adopting curriculum standards, gradua-tion requirements and a myriad of rulemaking duties. We need serious candidates for this job. Lani Popp fully understands and is committed to the SBOE's mission and brings to the role expertise, passion and conservative values. She has my full confidence and endorsement.”

Tom Maynard, District 10

Chair, School Finance/Permanent School Fund

“I wholeheartedly endorse Lani Popp in her runoff election. Lani’s nearly three decades in the classroom gives her unique insight as to how policy manifests itself in our schools. Her expertise and experience with special needs students will be a great asset to the State Board of Education.”

Pat Hardy, District 11


“I fully support and endorse Lani Popp for SBOE District 5. Her integrity, values and experience in public education are needed on the board.”

Pam Little, District 12 


“It is my honor to endorse Lani Popp for the District 5 position on the State Board of Education. Lani is a dedicated educator with a passion for our students and their future. Lani would be a tremendous asset to the State Board of Education.”

Sue Melton-Malone, District 14



“I am pleased to lend my support and endorsement to Lani Popp for the District 5 position on the Texas State Board of Education. Lani is by far the best candidate, and with her background and ties to Texas public education, it is clear that she will look out for the best interests of Texas schoolchildren. For the SBOE to continue on its course of well-reasoned decision-making, we need someone like Lani to fill the District 5 seat. Please get out and vote for Lani in both the run-off and general election in November.”

Marty Rowley, District 15

Vice Chair


"I am proud to endorse Lani Popp for the Texas State Board of Education. As an educator, Lani Popp will bring tremendous experience and a passion for public education to the board. I know she will work to enact commonsense reforms within our education system and secure a brighter future for Texas students. I urge the people of District 5 to join me in supporting Lani in the upcoming Republican primary run-off election as well as in the general election this November. " 

Greg Abbott,
Governor of Texas

"We are honored to endorse Lani Popp for Texas State Board of Education, District 5. Lani Popp is a passionate, conservative educator with nearly 30 years of experience in public and private schools. She is the right choice to ensure strong, pro-family curriculum standards for Texas’ 5.5 million children in public schools,”

Jonathan Saenz, President
Texas Values Action


"I'm proud to endorse Lani Popp, a conservative, passionate, and principled educator with nearly 30 years of experience in public and private schools. Lani will work to protect parental rights and for academically strong curriculum standards. I cannot overstate how important this election is for the future of Texas and the 5.5 million children in our public schools."

Chip Roy, U.S. Congress
District 21

“A longtime teacher and speech-language pathologist, Lani specializes in students with autism and social communication disorders. Her expertise will provide priceless input to the SBOE for quality special education. Lani Popp’s experience, professionalism, values, and character are in sharp contrast to her opponent who represents everything the SBOE does not need – unprincipled disruption!”

JoAnn Flemming
Grassroots America-We the People

"I proudly Endorse Lani Popp for State Board of Education! Lani is by far the best candidate for this position! Let us come together and vote for Lani!"

Donna Campbell
Texas Senate District 25

“I proudly endorse and support Lani Popp for Texas State Board of Education, District 5. Lani is an educator who has seen our education system first hand. That experience is imperative for the 5.5 million children in public education in Texas. Vote for Lani Popp to keep a strong moral character representing District 5.”

Kyle Biederman
Texas House District 73

"The YCT is proud to endorse Lani Popp in the 2020 Republican Primary Runoff Election for the State Board of Education. Popp will provide a strong conservative voice on the State Board of Education..."

Young Conservatives of Texas

"As SREC for SD21, I am proud to endorse Lani Popp for Texas State Board of Education. Please help support this conservative educator!"

Carla Sisk
SREC District 21

"She was my daughter's teacher/therapist for many years and was a huge blessing to her and her class. She's an amazing educator and really looks out for what's best for our students. My daughter is special needs and I trusted her completely! She always went above and beyond for our ALE kids and others. The board would be lucky to have her!!"

Teresa Benke

As with Ken Mercer, I support and recommend Lani Popp for Texas State Board of Education, District 5.

Thomas Marburger, Chairman
Bexar County Precinct



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