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lani profileLani Popp is a 28 year educator and speech Pathologist who serves students in the public school system. She specializes in working with students with autism. Besides being a Speech-Language Pathologist Lani has taught elementary music, middle school theater arts, been a cheerleading coach, classical guitar teacher, and high school show choir director. While working as a music teacher at Castle Hills First Baptist School, her students were part of the National Anthem Project in its inaugural year. She worked with Representative Frank Corte and Governor Perry to have the state of Texas designated as a National Anthem State. She took more than 100 students and families to Washington DC to sing the National Anthem with thousands of students from across the United States. She was also honored to be a regional finalist for teacher of the year for the VFW which recognizes exceptional teachers for their outstanding commitment to teaching Americanism and patriotism to their students. Lani was raised by a navy commander and spent her life on military bases all around the world, where she developed a deep love for the United States.

Lani is also a Small business owner and entrepreneur and owns 2 companies which produce music and curriculum to improve social skills for individuals with autism.

Lani has been politically active since college at the grass roots level. She has been a precinct chair and founded Hill County Conservative Network. In 2020 Lani ran for the State Board of Education. Her focus is to empower parents, help students reach their potential, and recognize great educators and schools.

Four of Lani’s children are public school educator and the fifth is An oral Surgeon in the USAF.

Lani Popp

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